About Us
Founded in 1978, Arbor Gage & Tooling is West Michigan's most reputable fixture and gage shop, renowned for its passion for quality and keen focus on understanding and exceeding customer expectations. Arbor has remained a family-owned business throughout the evolution of its product offerings from models and duplicating aids, to today’s fixtures, gages, and several other services including machining, welding, metrology, and fixture modification.
Quality Driven, Customer Focused
Dramatic changes have been made to the way we design and build our products in recent years. Talented, innovative team members, combined with significant capital investments have led to our current position as an industry leader and disrupter. During this time we’ve also renewed our commitment to delivering the highest level of service to our customers. You’ll notice this emphasis at Arbor from the time we first answer your phone call or respond to your email, to on-time delivery, to standing behind our product in rare cases where challenges arise. Treating our clients as partners, we recognize that the work we perform on your behalf is critical to your success.